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Good Morning Kansas . . .the early morning sunshine was so beautiful

Kansas has had the best drivers! Maybe it is because of signs...

In Girard KS, we saw this coming at us and we thought...

This cloud rolled in ahead of a pretty good storm front!

Alarm went off at 4:30 today! That is early! We had breakfast and were on the road at 6:15am, that is really good! We could have been on the road at 6 and had enough light, but we are getting better!

It was just a nice ride, the kind we like, not rushing just enjoying the ride.

We got the first 40 miles in easily and arrived in Girard before noon! Mike is always watching the radar, especially when you can tell there is rain out there and the radar indicated rain was on the way. So we found ourselves a rather large awning that reached from wall to curb, just happened to have a bench under it and we sat down and waited! It took 2 hours for the storm to get to us! We watched the clouds roll in. But it never really amounted to much rain. some thunder and definitely lightning and rain eventually bu not what it looked like it was going to dump on us! After waiting 2 1/2 hours, there was no point in going out until we knew it was well past!

We had another Warmshowers host waiting for us and he was texting me while we were waiting,making sure we were ok!

That was the most exciting thing that happened today! The rest of the ride, the last 20 miles (of course) again were easy, we more or less followed the storm and it dripped its last drops on us.

Arrived Pittsburg much later than we had anticipated because of the long wait in Girard. Our Warmshowers host was waiting for us and had been helping us all along the way! We had stopped to pick up supplies for dinner as we rode thru town because we knew Dan and Mandy were several miles beyond Pittsburgh, but when we arrived they had dinner baking for us! So we donated the meal we had bought for ourselves and shared theirs. sounded fair to me! They live by the open door policy, we walked in and were made to feel as if we were family coming home!

Tonight we are set up in their little camper so we have some privacy which is always nice! We have to wait and see what the weather is going to be like iin the morning, lots of rain in the area! We are actually right on the Kansas and Missouri state line! We are in Kansa and Missouri is across the street!

Looking at the maps ahead, it doesn't look as if Missouri is going to change from the situation we have found in Kansas, the opportunity for accomodation out there is very scarce! Camping in city parks looks like the best option, oh wait . . . It looks like the only option in many areas!! What's going on here??

Well I must get to bed . . . Thanks for checking in and being patient while i got caught up on yesterdays blog. Just ran into a few snags. thanks for hanging in there everyone!!

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