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It was cool outdoors but that did not deter us as we sat out there with our coffee this morning. Bob wandered up and gave me some some valuable information about reserving a white water rafting trip on the Arkansas River.

Later in the morning I walked to the lounge to make the phone call for reservations on Thursday of this week. There was another guy in the lounge and I chatted with him for a few minutes. His truck was being repaired at the Chevy Garage and he needed a ride to town to get his truck. Needless to say I offered him a ride and agreed to pick him up at 10:30.

With the reservations confirmed I walked up the hill and a few minutes later Marilyn & I drove to the cabin where Mike is staying. He jumped in with us and we were off, headed to town. Mike thanked us several times as we dropped him at the Chevy Dealer and we then drove off toward Jake & Telly's Greek Restaurant where we met our friends Mike & Sandy. Yes we shared a meal here at the same place yesterday with our Canadian friends Trent & Teresa.

We had another wonderful time today and lingered long after the meal was finished. Mike is the one guy in our group of RV friends with whom I can talk about airplanes. Much of our conversation today was about different aircraft we have flown and how life changes as we grow older. Actually we talked about how we flew planes in many parts of the country or in other countries, and how we thought at the time we would do that forever. Then, suddenly we found ourselves old and no longer flying, and how life changed for us. It was a good conversation with a good friend with similar experiences.

Marilyn & I did some shopping before returning to the resort, and then as we drove in close to our RV we saw our friends Eddie & Jan who arrived today. We ran next door to share hugs with these good friends before we even unloaded our groceries.

Bob & Janet hosted a Happy Hour at 5:00 so we all gathered together once again. We passed on cyber hugs to everyone from Trent & Teresa and we all enjoyed tasty food, some iced tea or soda, and much laughter scattered among the easy conversation.

Marilyn & I are so blessed to have such good friends, both in the RV life and otherwise. Every one of them inhabit a special place in our hearts and because of them we believe that Life is Good!

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