2018 Around the Shoreline of the Great Lakes travel blog

Windshield shots along the route through Indiana

Corn as high as an elephant's eye

Detours and moving into the congested areas

Hamburger cop in someboy's front yard

The Shrine of Christ's Passion

Cave man selling garden stones

Vacant lots in Chicago Heights

Mural along the Lincoln Highway - US 30

Traffic starting to build on I294


I wonder if they made it to Margaritaville?

Winnie finally made it to Illinois Beach

Today was a terrible travel day. Our intention was to skirt Chicago to the west to avoid the traffic and construction that is continuous in the Chicagoland area. The only problem with the plan was in the execution. While traveling north on US 41 in Indiana, I missed a turnoff for US 52 and before I realized it I was near Hammond, IN, too far north to avoid Chicago without going backwards. We chose to use I294 to cut up the middle of the Chicago suburbs. What a mistake. We caught Friday afternoon traffic. It was bumper to bumper crawl for at least 2 hours. I was struggling with keeping Winnie cool. I had to turn off the AC and even turn on the heat to keep the coolant temperature under 230F. We’ve had no problems with temperature as long as we’re cruising, but as soon as we get stuck in traffic Winnie gets overheated. Once we got on the north side of I90 traffic thinned out and we were able to dive faster than 10mph and Winnie cooled down. Beside the heating problem I sounds like Winnie is going to need new brake pads in the front. All of the stop and go driving did not help the situation.

We arrived at Illinois Beach State Park about 6:00PM about 3 hours later than planned and that included losing an hour from changing time zones. It’s located right on Lake Michigan ands right next to the Zion Nuclear Power Plant. We were able to walk across the low dunes to the lake shore. No pictures though as the weather was tuning bad and we wound up with rain much of the night. We’re here only for an overnighter as we will be heading to Door County, WI in the morning. Stay tuned.

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