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Up at 4:30 and down to the lobby to catch the 5:00 AM shuttle to the airport. Get there quite early and wander around a bit to find where to check in but once done we checked the bags and headed through security – Pre-check was nice. Then a breakfast as we waited for the plane.

Off with out a hitch but an older plane so no movie but otherwise an uneventful flight and we landed in Miami right on time. Then we went looking for Caribbean Airways and had a real problem finding the gate. We had to leave the secure area then go back through security. We also had to check to make sure our bags were checked all the way through – they were.

Finally got to our gate and had a snack. We were called up to the counter to be checked in again as we went through electronic check in. But no problem. Then we boarded and an even older plane (with ashtrays) and no screens.

They brought us a chicken and rice dinner then we read and fell asleep on and of for the whole trip to Trinidad. Once we got there we were told to wait on the plane as we were going through to Georgetown.

And we waited and waited. Got to talk to a bunch of the other passengers - some going to a religious conference and others to a biannual family reunion. After about two hours (no water and little cooling) the plane that was delayed showed up and we were off again.

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