Turkey-Georgia-Armenia travel blog

valleys and mountains were always interesting .....

...... while roads could change in a heart-beat ......

..... from brilliant .....

...... to a little unfinished ....

..... but never boring

Gypsy camps were fascinating.....

.....but a 'hill-top' house was definitely weird

landscape colours varied substantially

it was a hard day.....time to relax

After a long drive along good roads, some wide, some narrow, we were tired. Temperatures around 41C again did not help.

We did enjoy fabulous scenery full of trees and reasonably full rivers for much of the way and at other times we passed through dry barren mountains for a bit of contrast.

Our hotel in Adiyaman was another modern one and very comfy. Again the staff were always eager to ensure we enjoyed our stay.

Our only real problem was with the wifi network. It was extremely patchy in our room where we had good air conditioning. It was much better in the lobby and restaurant but unfortunately the a/c was not on so it was quite warm and stuffy. It was a dilemma we could not solve.

Somebody came up with an alternative so we headed off to a huge department store for some 'cool' relief.

Adiyaman was quite a big town with wide streets full of the usual traffic.

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