Herring/Gallo Trip Out West 2018 travel blog

Today was just a driving day to Salt Lake City. Tomorrow we pic Peter up at the airport. There was nothing much to the day. The main objective was top take Tucker to the Great Salt Lake. He had studied it in school and really wanted to float in the lake. The nearest place to access the lake was Antelope Island State Park, about 40 miles north of our campground. But we had time so we headed up that way. Did pass the world headquarters of Essential Oils and saw their fields of lavender. After slogging through construction in Salt Lake we made our way to the exit and drove the 15 miles to the park. Paid our admission fee and headed off to the "beach" where you can "swim". The problem was that no one mentioned that the water had receded so that you had to hike about 1/2 mile across sand and brush to reach the water. But Tucker was still up for the lake. So we told him to get his suit on and he could go. Jack wanted to check it out too and they went to their RV to get dressed. Elisabeth took Ivy for a walk and Jack and Tucker bounded out of the RV ready to go and Tucker slammed the locked door close! Only problem was no one had a key! Elisabeth had told the boys to wait for her to return with Ivy and they were just too excited. So here we are at a parking lot 15 miles from civilization with no way to get into the RV. What to do? First we had to get Tucker to stop crying! Then I tried all my keys just on the off chance that they might work--no luck. We checked the windows and found that the small window in the kitchen was unlocked and got it open. We had my step stool which was high enough to reach the window. So I climbed up on it and we passed Tucker from Elisabeth to me and we shoved him through the window--just barely. Disaster averted! Now off to the Salt Lake.

Jack, Elisabeth and Tucker set off on the 1/2 mile trek across the sand in 90 degree heat! Susan and I watched from the RV. When they got to the water's edge the were greeted by 5 million black no seems that attack. The bugs won and the Aiken-Gallos retreated-- and ran back toward the RV! No one got a toe in the Lake! Victory for the bugs. Maybe another time before the no seems hatch. We found our campground and settled in to wait for Peter's arrival the next day

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