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Dancing Moose



This morning was spent catching up with the Journal. And other email.

This afternoon we went to the 'Dancing Moose' for lunch. Good food. All day breakfast could be had, so naturally I went for the 'pulled pork benny'.. Was too much. Have to start cutting down or i am going to look like a bowling ball by the time this adventure is over.

Well I have to start cutting down tomorrow as we had a great evening meal, hosted by us! George cooked the moose roast that Heidi and Hak had given us. It was delicious! We enjoyed it along with boiled potatoes, a salad, cold slaw, buns & for dessert mincemeat pie supplied by Barb. Now this is ruffing it in the wilds of NWT. The mosquitoes even co-operated by staying away, or was it the smoke from the fire we had going?

After the meal we sat around and chatted for awhile. Deciding what to do tomorrow.

I think everyone was tired after the big meal and turned in early. Doesn't matter when you go to bed here, it is always light. Cheers!

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