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I have just a few more comments about our travels.

A direct flight from Amsterdam to Orlando is great but Disney waits at the landing sight and kids can cry in several languages.

The last couple I had breakfast with were doing our cruises in reverse. Around the UK than the Baltic’s. They were from Parkland, Florida, teachers at the school of shooting site. They said it was a rough few months and almost canceled their plans. No children of their own but want everyone to know that regardless of your politics these students organized a nation wide movement. That young people today are remarkable, capable, and engaged in things besides their phones. Those who think of the next generation as a lazy, selfie, uninterested generation are wrong. They are motivated, involved, and remarkably capable of what ever they are passionate about. ....and yes hearing their story made me tear up.

There is no place like home but it sure is fun to go out and prove thats true. As we age it gets harder and harder to travel. medications, physical limitations, low endurance for strange food, water, long lines, and no phone or tv.

I will always love to travel, the interactions with people from other countries, the sights you’ve only seen in books, the view others have of America, but coming home knowing that from the luck of birth you are in a country that allows you to believe and worship God in what ever way you choose is true freedom.

Your comments have been greeted with laughter and thought. Thank you for joining me!

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