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This Was the Opera House connected to one of the Casinos


Just for the tourists, so you can pretend you are losing millions...



Monaco is like watching an episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” I say, watching an episode becasue most of us arent’ driving Ferrari’s. Most of us are on foot, or are fortunate enough to have a little used motorbike. But, I have never seen so many people with perfect hair and perfect teeth driving the perfect convertible in my life. It’s actually a little funny to see all of these $100,000+ cars all over Monaco because there is no place to park. So, if you want to go to dinner, I’m thinking you have to leave the Ferrari in a garage and hope the meal doesn’t go past an hour. And then your perfect teeth would be all sweaty when you arrived for your $500 dinner.

Still, oogling these fine driving machines is kind of fun.

I asked Khlifa what I should see while I was in Monaco. He shrugged. “You know,” he told me, “the best thing to do when your re in Monaco is just walk. It is such a beautiful city.” This is actually kind of my favorite way to travel. To just explore on foot. My teenage nieces and nephews think I’m crazy. Walking makes you tired, but I think it is a good tired. It makes you sweaty, but I would probably be sweating anyway. It takes effort. Well, yes. Still, you see the town like you only can.

After wandering around the harbor, I started down the coast. My hat must be more of a statement than I intended because when I walked past a group of doormen at a hotel, one of them started whistling the theme from Indiana Jones. No, seriously. I made my way to Monte Carlo, famous for James Bond movies and people showing up at casinos in expensive cars. The casinos were all closed. Not really a problem or me as I seem to lose my money fast enough without gambling, so I figure I don’t really need to. I did walk into one casino. The gold filigree was all over the place. Even though you couldn’t get into the rooms where the roulette and blackjack happens, just being in the lobby made me feel like I was a millionaire.

By 2 p.m., I had literally walked the span of the country. I was hot and sweaty and sat down at a beachside pizzaria. I watched the kids playing on the beach while I ate. But I was done. Went back to the condo and fell into bed for a nap time. Woke up in time to get another dinner near the harbor.

I’m not sure Monaco is a place I would like to live, but it sure is a fun place to spend a few days. Next time, I think I’m taking the little train around the country instead of my feet.

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