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Antelope Canyon

Today we are going to drive from Williams to Bryce Canyon, Utah. We are going to travel over Northern Arizona, to Antelope Canyon, then across the Glen Canyon Dam and into Bryce Canyon Utah. The road from Williams passes through Flagstaff and then across some very interesting country. It is dominated by scores of extinct volcanoes and the landscape is littered with large black boulders and scrub pines. There are lots of cones and multicolored gravel ground. Elisabeth had found out about Antelope Canyon in one of her guide books. These slot canyons exist around Page Arizona and have been carved out of the sandstone by water and wind. They have the most fascinating shapes. Very curved and multicolored. Here is a picture of one.

The canyons are really beautiful. The only problem we had was it was about 110 degrees and you have to hike down a soft sand path about the equivalent of 14 stories. That is each way! Up until last week, they took you down in a all terrain Gator, but they had an accident so they had to suspend service and you had to hike down and back. Well, the canyon was awesome. Just lovely sights and shapes. You just kept snapping pictures. But then you have to get out! I was not sure that I was going to make it! Had to stop/ several times and between the heat and the climb and being a really OLD man it was tough. But with Susan's help I made it. While I was waiting to die, Jack come running up the hill! Youth! It was worth the hike, but if I come back, I will check and see if the Gator is back in service!

We left Antelope Canyon an drove over Glenn Canyon and stopped to see the Glen Canyon reservoir. Then trucked through some beautiful valleys to Bryce Canyon for the next two nights

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