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July 2, Monday

Early this morning before we got into the port there was a magnificent view of the white cliffs of Dover. Tall, sharply cut, and white as snow. There was a foggy view of Dover Castle on the other side. Like floating through the set of King of Thrones. I boarded a bus, however for Leeds Castle. This was the home of Henry the 8th, and called the Castle of Queens. I was on my own for this one. Dick and Mary were afraid of the walk which said 1/3 mile and 52 steps. We don’t have any idea who makes the measurements but they lie. Don & Terry we’re on one 2 days ago that was such streep grades half the people had to stay on the bus.

......and so it was today for me. One mile from the bus parking lot to the front of the Castle which you could not use but had to walk around it to a side entrance and it was worth every step. Fully furnished lavish bedrooms rooms, halls filled with armor, knights masks, spears, and all manner of midevial times. Just the shoe closet was worth the ticket. The ball room with Henry the eighth portrait. A library filled with hundreds of first additions. I wanted to open a few and look but it was forbidden. This Castle is fully embraced by a moat with intricate gardens and the elusive black swans. It was a wonderful day and my pedometer read 3.25 miles.

After returning to the ship we played cards, Mary is becoming a card shark, said goodby to our dining room stewards, and went to see the farewell show which was a comic who did I not speak. Uh-huh! Let me just say it started by him hatching from an egg, dressed as an ostrich his arm the head, where he produced an egg that yielded a baby ostrich. If possible it got weirder from that point on.

We hugged each other good by. Terry & Don flying through Canada to Pennsylvania. Mary through Detroit to Michigan. Us with a direct flight to Orlando.

We packed, set the luggage outside for pick up, and were ready to fly home in the morning.

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