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July 1, Sunday

Today we were in St.Pete Port, Guernsey. Yes, guernsey like the cow. We had to get tender tickets to get to the island which is closer to France than England but still in the English Channel. They used the ships life boats. Another one of a kind experience. The island has a castle as all good islands should. There were excursions to dairy farms. Growing up in a dairy farm community this held NO interest for me. But there were lots of other things to see.

When looking in the book store window I saw a book called “The Guernsey and Literary Potatoe Peel Pie Society.” It is a book of letters about Guernsey when they were under German occupation. It has been turned into a film and they had the movie premiere on the island. I bought a copy and had several conversations with residents about the book, the era, and the movie. It will be on DVD next month and Netflix in September. I read for a couple hours when I returned to the ship.

There were several card stores and the cards were hand painted and very funny. Two cows having tea, the first cow says “ Are you worried about mad cow disease? The second cow whose black and white says “Of course not I’m a Penguin.” The cow mania was all over everything.

Tonight we had a Motown group who rocked the theater. A really great show. Made me wish I could stay up and watch the second show. I have one last shore excursion tomorrow. The final castle ........I am going by myself. No one else wants to get on the bus and do all that walking. It’s not been a problem getting my 10,000 steps in. More like trying to keep it under 20,0000. This will be the only cruise I have taken where I have lost 5 pounds and stayed heathy.

I will end tonight with another card from Guernsey. Picture of a potato with a dress and thong on. All it says is Potatoe Wedgie. good night!

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