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the road was not always great on the way to Berat

the white houses of Berat were it's claim to fame ?

cops on the beat .... 'no riding bicycles in the plaza after...

congratulations Gilli....its 5 years since the nasty B/C .... and its the...

any opportunity for a celebratory drink is a good one but this...

the river through Berat was just starting to flow

Yuk! …. what a terrible drive.

It was fine until a few k's into Albania where the good road turned to a goat track and everyone seemed determined to avoid the slightest surface imperfection.....really an impossible task.

Weather-wise it was near perfect but it was a great relief to reach Berat for our overnighter which was in a really comfy 'guest house' in the old town. Although not exactly easy to find because of road works we finally made it and all was good.

Shopping was again on the menu but at least after a nice meal in the pedestrian plaza where we celebrated Gilli's 'last pill'. With a 'clean bill of health' after 5 years since her bout with the nasty B/C she downed her final medication. An extra round of drinks was in order.

Berat was a nicer town than we had envisaged and we really enjoyed the pedestrian only plazas which were huge. People watching while having dinner was fun especially observing a cop pulling people over for riding bicycles after 7pm which must have been some kind of curfew. Not a bad idea for home.

Next stop was Tirana to return 'Slim' Duster our rental beast and to prepare for our next adventure.

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