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June 29, Friday

Onto the bus and off we went Island hopping.

People have lived here for 2000 years. The Druids high priests of the Celtics lived here. They were responsible for naming our days of the week. Monday for the Moon, Thursday for Thor, Sunday for the Sun etc. They worshipped the elements of nature. The months of the year were also named at this time. The Romans came and when they left Christianity found a foothold and grew.

Children in the 40s & 50s were punished for speaking Welsh and now its a heritage language.

The Mac loop is here where sonic jets practice in the mountains for Iraq. UK search and rescue is located here. They are about the size of New Jersey.

The housing is straight plain lines, plaster, flat windows, and high roofs. The tide is over 6 feet and leaves boats on the sand when it goes out. Can come in at speeds of 5 mph.

The first stop was the Castle of Biwmares that was located at the end of Main Street. It had a moat and was very impressive even if we didn’t get to go inside. While in the small town we went in several Thrift stores. Items were much the same while being very different.

Our second stop was the Castle of Conway Wow! It was huge with an entire town inside the walls. You could get on the wall and walk all the way around. It was fairy tale, King of Thrones good.

The last stop was a town with 58 letters in its name, nice big store with everything from clothes ,shoes, and bed linen to souvenirs. One of the questions Dick was asked on the Love and Marriage show was what causes your what to be iratated? My husband says “when she’s hungry. “ For 22 years I have said to him “ I am really fluffy right now so it’s best if you stay clear of me” Even Terry knew the answer. This store had a cup with a pink sheep on it the said “Ewe’ s not fat....Ewe’s fluffy!” He bought it so we can now communicate my fluffyness non-verbally.

We were all over Wales today saw other castles at a distance, had a funny guide, saw the shore with the tide out. Beautiful sunny day which ended with prime rib for supper.

Sea day tomorrow.

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