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Marksburg Castle

Another View of Marksburg Castle

A view of the Rhine from Marksburg

Steps into Marksburg

One of the rooms inside

This place has a lot of steps

The fortress overlooking Koblenz - I can't even pronounce it let alone...

The German Corner - the Moselle is on the right and the...

Emperor Wilhelm on the German Corner

Church in Old Town

Street leading out of Old Town

Gate leading into Old Town

This morning we docked in Koblenz and the Deatz/Rineharts left to see Marksburg Castle. It is a medieval castle and has been perfectly preserved (furniture and everything) as it was in those days. The steps inside are rough and uneven and carved right from the mountain itself. These steps were carved with a rough surface intentionally to keep the Knight's horses from slipping on rainy days.

Originally named Burg Braubach, The Marksburg rises high above the right bank of the Rhine River, crowning a cone-shaped hill overlooking the town of Braubach. The Marksburg is the only castle on the Middle Rhine to escape destruction or ruin. The castle had some additions in the 17th and 18th century, but maintains its medieval character.

Since 1900, The Marksburg has been home to the Association for the Preservation of German Castles (Deutsche Burgenvereiningung). The Marksburg suffered its darkest hour when, in 1945, the castle came under direct shell-fire by American forces fighting against Nazi's hiding in the castle. Its wounds were minor.

In the afternoon, it was a short walk from the boat down to the “German Corner” which is at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. There are flags from different countries and a huge statue of Emperor Wilhelm who first unified Germany. From the corner, you could walk back in the old section of town (there is not much left of the old town because of all the bombing during the war).

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