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Happy boy

Happy girl

Geoff heading out

Skid training

The girls


I really can’t believe the last two days !! It’s definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!! Although !! I’d love to do it again and again !!

From the moment we arrived it was amazing, the boys had driver briefing the we had pre dinner drinks then off for dinner at the famous Montana restaurant Fiorano Modenese, I couldn’t get my eyes off all of the famous paraphernalia, helmets, photos etc on every wall, and then there was the food, how do you eat pasta when you get home! It’s never going to be the same.

Ok Day 1

The boys left early and started driver training while the girls, only 4 of us went shopping, touring, walking and coffee.. mmmmm

Then we all met at the track for Lunch and a group photo. The highlight for me was a hot lap with one of the Fiorano track formula drivers.... shit.. I would love to be able to drive like that.. they forgot my sd card, so I got four laps instead instead of two..yahoooo. I had a ball.. the boys kept doing there thing, and the girls learnt to make pasta.. yum and of course we ate it!!! Lots of relaxing at the track, it was over 30 degrees, so a beautiful day.

Then another beautiful Italian meal at La Gazella maranello.. incredible food.. great company !

Day 2

The boys left early, while I’m swanning around taking my time cause soonish I’ll be heading to the track for my massage, ahhhh to the quiet relaxing sound of Ferrari’s doing over 200km an hour in the background... ahhh music to my ears.. in the afternoon I got to go onto the middle of the track and watch Geoff do his skid training.. nothing like seeing a ferrari drifting towards you then stop right in front .. I closed my eyes a bit.. Geoff still has the smile. Oh and Geoff got second best track time for the skids.

The girls then all left for a little shopping at the Ferrari store.. It was then time for the certificate presentations, then back to the hotel for more drinks to celebrate ..

we are both exhausted.. a massive highlight of our holiday!!

Off to Bologna today.

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