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Bonjour a tous!!

It is a little over a year since I spent two weeks in Sancerre, spending 20+ hours per week studying French, which was an absolutely amazing experience! And I was so happy that so many of you enjoyed following my experience!

But I am now on another journey, which I never in my life would have predicted, and I think will be equally intriguing, and, for me, builds on the trip to Sancerre.

It is a little ways off (late Aug/early Sept). But I enjoyed chronicaling my Sancerre trip so much that this time I decided to chronicle some (thankfully for all of you, not all) of the preparation. One thing I learned when I chronicled my Sancerre trip: the decision to do so forced a more intense involvement in the experience. Each day I would wake up thinking, I will need to write something about this day! Suddenly that makes each ordinary experience more emphatic, and more intense, and more amazing. The ordinary becomes extraordinary.

So here is what is up next:

An odd discovery, but my kids and I have the opportunity to become citizens of Luxembourg! We found out about this a little over a year ago. My nephew, Henry, studied in Germany, and wanted to stay in Europe to be with his Italian girlfriend. He investigated every potential avenue, and somehow in that, found a recent Luxembourg law. If you can prove lineage to a Luxembourg ex-pat who was alive on 1/1/1900 (our maternal grandmother), you can reclaim citizenship. Apparently, back in the 1800's, those who left Luxembourg for the USA or elsewhere were stripped of LUX citizenship. Since then, LUX has decided that was wrong--and is offering reclamation, though you must start the process by 12/31/2018. So here we go, me and my 3 kids!

We have proved our lineage--that was Phase 1. Phase II, which should conclude in citizenship, involves physical presentation to the LUX government. Alex has already done that--he may be a citizen by end of year. (But he has motivation. He leaves end of August to study for his MBA in Nice, France). Sally, Madeleine and I will present ourselves in August.

I am working now to finalize our plans. I think we will be starting in Iceland, then travel to LUX via Frankfurt, and from there on to Nice.l We will all be in Nice for a few days before Alex starts school. Sally and Madeleine will return to the States on Labor Day, but I am staying on for another week. I had hoped to spend some time studying French, but logistics don't look good for that. So instead, I will have a week of free-form study on my own in Nice (Alex needs to concentrate on his education) -- please, no pity for me on that!! The thought of wandering the streets of Nice and spending time at an outdoor cafe is beyond belief!

More to follow, periodically, as this all comes together. Once there, my goal, as in Sancerre, will be a daily update (with at least a small segment in French, though I realize that is for my own benefit as much as anything else). Plus, with my kids along, I can probably do a better job of posting pictures than I did last time

Bon voyage!!

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