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June 27, Wednesday

Dublin Ireland Our guide today is a woman named Cloder, which means babbling brook or never shuts up. There is the history lesson followed by a few facts that stick with me. The Celtics worshiped the sun,moon,and stars. The romans came, in those short skirts says the guide, and left because it was too cold. The records here start with the year 1176. The longest tunnel in the UK goes under Dublin. They also have the highest birth rate in the UK.

We arrived at the Malahide Castle. It had one owner, the Talbots for 800 years and was sold to Ireland with 200 acres, because in the 70’s the Talbots were facing bankruptcy. It has one of the first flushing toilets, invented by John Clapper. Toys from the 1600’s, lots of portraits. No one smiles in those old painting because the rich had access to refined sugar and had bad teeth. The poor had much better smiles. The saying “losing face” came from this period because the heavy make up they wore had wax in it and if they stood too close to the fireplace their face melted. They carried screens to block the heat.

The guide joke. How do you get an Irish roofer to fix your roof. Say drinks are on the house.

On to Howth for Irish coffee in the pub. When served mine had no Irish. That was soon corrected. The train station here is called The Bloody Stream......don’t ask.

Today was a nice day sunshine and in the low 60’s. So it was considered a perfect day for “dipping”. They don’t swim just dip because the water is so cold. We passed the beach on the Irish Sea and it looked like the Daytona Beach of Ireland. Hundreds on the beach.

There are hundreds of miles of bike roads because public transportation is expensive. The bikers as in every other country we’ve visited are like comacausie pilots. They keep peddling with no regard for what’s in front of them. Great calves however, and very few other body image problems. From 7 to 70 mid drifts on parade. Flat to inter tube, my grand daughters would say a lot of jelly shake.

No fairy or leprechaun sightings.

There are 176 children on this ship under the age of 18. At least 50 of them were tired and crying as we returned to the vessel.

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