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many items on display were huge

it looked pretty but the weather threatened during our Delphi visit

the Delphi ruins were interesting....

.....and covered quite a large area of sloping land

a possible new archeological site in the making !!!

Rain and fog joined us for most of the drive to Delphi but it was a great run on good roads. Coffee stops in some really quaint villages along the way were excellent diversions.

Our hotel was in the centre of town just 500m from the archeological site and was a tad run down but comfy. A bonus was that dress shops were in the same street. Gilli was ecstatic !

The ancient site was good but others we had visited were better although the museum did have many excellent items on display that were in incredible condition.

The museum also provided us with protection from rain which miraculously ended when we started exploring the ruins. Someone was watching over us.

The remains of the Temple of Apollo and the Treasury of the Athenians were the main features although we were particularly impressed with the museum's amazing collection of antiquities.

The huge Naxian Sphinx, the bronze charioteer and the Kouros statues were just a few of many brilliant items to view.

With Delphi ticked off our must-see list we were ready to move on except a little extra shopping needed to be done. True to form Gilli found a couple of 'bargains' that helped fill our luggage bags.

Now we could hit the road to Metsovo. Another 'hallelujah' was called for.

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