John and Janet 2018 Montana travel blog

Prison Walls

Guard Tower

What A Surprise

Inside The Walls


Auto Museum

Love It!

Our Next Camper

Only $295

Some Color!

Burma Shave

We Had One This Color

Corvettes For Sale

This Could Pull That Trailer



Far As We Go

Nice Scenery



Road Ends Again

Town Traffic Light

Deer Lodge is advertised as being half way between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Most people spend one night. We are here for two.

When we checked in, we were given information about the area. It is only an hour west to Philipsburg and an hour east to Helena. What about here?

Finding our way around is easy. All directions are given from the town traffic light. You can’t miss it.

We start our day at the Old Montana Prison Museum. (Right at the traffic light) It is a well laid out self-guided tour. Prison tours are not very uplifting but the structure is impressive.

Connected to the prison is an automobile museum. This is a little more cheerful. I especially like the Burma Shave signs throughout.

There is a modern day prison in the area that we do not see. We visit the prison store with the handiwork of the prisoners.

The local specialty is horse hair hitching. It is very time intensive. Most of the items are very expensive!

After lunch, we head to the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site. (Left at the traffic Light) I get a stamp.

I am fudging a bit. This is a working ranch and the demonstrations are probably very interesting. However, there is a lot of walking involved and we walked this morning. We are both in the mood to ride.

We head out of town to the Deer Lodge Circle Tour. (Straight at the traffic light) I printed this from the internet. Unfortunately, we know that it is not completely paved.

We ride south as far as the paved road goes. We try the gravel road. We do not go far. It is not worth beating the bike up.

We ride to the north. We get a bit further before we run out of pavement. It is a very nice ride even if we cannot make the loop. It is another cool Montana day and we get some time on the bike.

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