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June 26, Tuesday

Guess what? Today Mary and I were on bus #7 and I am a stow-away. Her ticket was for 7:45am mine for 12:45 so I just got a sticker for #7 and got on the bus. There were extra seats so no one threw me off. We drove out of the port to a boat terminal where I thought the vessel portion of the tour was by boat but no. It was a car ferry and they drove the bus into it. Along with 3 others. Across the Loch we went. A first for me.

Glasgow means Sunny Day and it was. Many of the plants here were brought from Africa and flourish here. Others they are trying to eliminate, one is a type of Spruce that damages the soil.

Scotland is 174 miles long with 1600 miles of coast line. Every river, inlet, and lake is affected by the tide except those in the highlands where we are going today. The highlands have 5 faults and millions of years ago it was attached to America and drifted to where it is now. Another fault was formed with an area that was once attached to Norway. These mountains have very different rock from one another. We saw the marks and odd left behind rocks where the ice age gouged a path.

The trees are all green and beatiful right now. There is a type of pine tree here that has lacy branches they are huge and look like they belong in a fairytale book. There was also a big stand of red wood trees like those in California. The Heather is brown right now but you see a little purple here and there. Wish I could see it all in bloom.

They have a memorial tower in every town and city for those who died in WWI and WWII. So many bodies were not returned they needed a place to honor them and visit. There is also memorial in town honor to the fire men who died in 911. There were some with roots that went back to Scotland.

There are cows here that have a shaggy coat. They look like stuffed animals, The Drovers used to drive the cattle out of the highlands to stockyards. Much the way cattle drives were in the US. Now comes the gory part. The Drovers were the ones who invented Black pudding!!! Blood was let from a cow then mixed with onion, oats, and fried. Plus.... I have the recipe for Hargis . It is the heart, liver, & lungs of a sheep. Mixed with oats and spice then boiled in the animal stomach.

Our first get out of the bus stop Hargis was on the menu for 5 pounds a helping or $6.75. You can buy it canned. Let me know how much YOU would like me to return to states with. To be continued......

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