Shearwin's in Europe 2018 travel blog

A beach at Baleal

The road linking the outcrop

Yet another wine at Baleal

A 0900 hrs rise was our latest to date which was not a problem as we had planned on a quiet day; the plan to visit Fatima now a lost thought.

Kaye had been experiencing pain from a potential tooth abscess so this morning was spent tracking down an antibiotic in case we required them during our trip home. Our local chemist while very helpful could not sell without a prescription ( we were only hoping ) and the local dentist was not practising until tomorrow afternoon. We then drove the 20 km into Peniche where a very helpful English speaking dentist provided Kaye with a no cost script. Kaye thought she was very pleasant also.

We filled the script for the very low cost of 6.8€ and then revisited the second of the two cosmetic shops we’d seen to date to purchase an eye liner; our previous had closed for lunch. Once again, the assistant was very friendly and helpful.

Our return trip was along the coastline via the small rocky island/ out crop of Baleal. This tight collection of housing was connected by a single lane concrete road that separated two small sandy coves. It required drivers from a distance to give away to the first approaching; the scenery of the island, the beaches and the holiday activity left a very favourable impression.

We were back at the Resort by 1400hrs to rest and by luck for Kaye to watch her favourite romantic movie The Notebook. A nice to way to go!

Dinner was in the Cantato room again which was an easy meal of fried prawns , goat salad and apple tart with ice cream. Once again all very nice. We have now completed all of the Marriott’s restaurants. Packing for the last two nights in Paris and then we were early in bed.

The stay in the Marriott has been a special occasion and while initial impressions were challenging we settled in well to be pleased with everything; especially the dining. We also enjoyed our daily excursions which gave us a better understanding of the area. The visit to Sintra was a highlight.

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