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Bill and Ruth at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Jack and Sue at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Cory, Rhonda and Bryce at Horsetooth Reservoir

Bill, Ruth and Bryce at Horsetooth

Bryce in Estes Park

Cory and Bryce in Estes Park

Cory and Bryce on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain NP

Rocky Mountain National Park

Bryce climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Bryce in Rocky Mountain National Park

Never Summer Mountains in Rocky Mountain NP

Cory and Rhonda enjoying cheesecake

Bryce at Cheesecake Factory

Cory, Rhonda and Bryce at Coors Field in Denver

Colorado State University view from the top floor

Cory, Rhonda and Bryce with the rams at CSU

Poudre River in Poudre Canyon

Bryce enjoying Poudre Canyon

Poudre Canyon

Cory, Rhonda and Bryce at Moose Visitor Center

Bryce with moose in Visitor Center

Cory and Rhonda in Poudre Canyon

Poudre Canyon

Bryce enjoying Poudre Canyon

Cory, Rhonda and Bryce at Michigan Lake

Cory fishing at Lakeside Resort

Cory and Rhonda paddling at Lakeside Resort

It has been a wonderful summer so far in Colorado. As anticipated, we are getting to spend time with friends from our workamping days as well as friends who winter in Arizona with us. Some are both! Whether it's joker marathons, day trips, or whatever we enjoy being with Larry and Elsie, John and Debbie, Jack and Sue, Fred and Leslie, and Ray and Sue.

Bill suffered a scary health emergency on June 1. We had spent the day in Estes Park and the national park celebrating our anniversary. When we got home he collapsed, hitting his face on a wooden step inside our RV. He had to have six stitches between his lip and nose which is healing well. The problem apparently was his heart so they have changed his medications and modified his pacemaker to try to prevent any further problem. He returns end of August for another checkup. They interrogate his pacemaker to see what's going on.

Mike and Mary Ella didn't get to come in June as planned but have rescheduled their visit for July 9. We are looking forward to their arrival.

Cory, Rhonda and Bryce did arrive Tuesday, June 19, earlier in the day than expected. Unfortunately they were greeted by a terrible rain and hail storm that damaged their truck. We were across town still at Bill's doctor's appointment and missed the hail with our truck. The rest of their visit was beautiful weather for the most part.

On Wednesday we toured Horsetooth Reservoir on the way to Hwy 34, Big Thompson Canyon, and on into Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Cory drove us all the way up to the visitor center on Trail Ridge Road. We saw very little snow due to the warmer than usual spring and very little wildlife but lots of pretty scenery as always.

On Thursday we drove to Denver for a Colorado Rockies baseball game. We got there early and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. As you would expect, there were lots of people and lots of traffic. That stadium is huge! It even has a corner with trees and a waterfall. Rhonda managed to get us great seats.

On Friday we toured the Colorado State University's new football stadium. While it's not so large, the technology and design of it is amazing. Our guide shared lots of CSU history including an interesting story about the bell outside the stadium.

On Saturday we drove up Poudre Canyon all the way to Michigan Lake. We stopped several times just to take in the beautiful scenery, checked out the Moose visitor center, and enjoyed a picnic at Michigan Lake near Gould, Colorado.

In between Cory found a fishing rod and reel and caught some fish from the RV park lake. Bryce even tried casting a different type reel than he's used to. Cory, Rhonda and Bryce enjoyed the paddleboats and we all played shuffleboard. All in all four days just vanished seemingly overnight! We are so glad they got to come.

Tomorrow we're hosting a joker group at IHOP again. And the fun continues! Hope your summer is going well, too.

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