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One big Potato

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Road art

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June 20th

For such a small island we didn’t cover much ground today. We started the North Cape Costal Drive which took us to the northwest corner of this tiny island. We stopped at the Great Canadian Potato Museum as much because we were told they have a café that makes the best French fries and sure enough they do. Anything potato was sold there including potato fudge and potato chip covered peanuts. Sounds strange but they tasted good and so were the fries and potato skins we had. Anything you ever wanted to know about potatoes and where they came from and how important they were to exploration (they solved the scurvy issue on long voyages because they are high in Vitamin C and are easily stored) is explained there. For example Marie Antoinette wore potato flowers in her hair which was considered the height of fashion in her day. Potatoes we first cultivated in South America where they have been grown as a food for thousands of years.

We drove as far as North Cape where the highway ends and the Canadian Center for Wind Energy Research has a huge wind farm where they conduct research on wind energy and hydrogen production (as a form of energy storage) on behalf of Canada and other countries and private producers. From there we tried our first local pub of the trip called the Albert and Crown in the town of Alberton. Bill was over the moon when the TV was tuned to the start of the Spain/Iran World cup game. There was no way he was going to leave now so off Bowie and I went for a walk about town while he indulged his passion for football.

A short drive down the road and we are again in an ocean side campground on the reddest sand beach I have ever seen. A large statue of Jacques Cartier is erected at the entrance to the park to commemorate his arrival in PEI in 1535. Another plus is dogs are allowed on PEI beaches in provincial parks and so we all got to walk on the red sand. Bugs were very bad here and even with Muskol and bug zappers we were driven crazy all night by the buzzing around.

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