Mill Creek runs through the back of our campground..

Picnic area in our campground..

It feels like we are camping on a farm...

We are surrounded with corn fields..

Our site..

Cool fence in the campground..




The town of Paxico has lots of antique stores..


Love this ...:-)

This says General Store but they only have antiques for sale...

Cool buggy...

The closest store is about 10 miles away..

We bought some nice cheese curds and cheese...




Last one!

We had an easy drive today, even though it was 300 miles, the speed limit was 75 miles per hour. We did not drive that fast, but it sure made the trip faster than normal. We are all set up in a tiny town that reminds me of a farm. We have nothing around us but fields of corn and other vegetables for miles and miles. We do have the quaint and tiny town of Paxico nearby. It has a lot of antique stores. We wish they had a few restaurants too. We have to drive about 40 miles to buy groceries in Topeka. We did find another town with a Mexican Restaurant about 10 miles away, they also have a cheese creamery that is really nice. We bought some fresh curds and cheddar cheese that was awesome. I am adding a few pictures of the historic town of Paxico and a copy of more information about Paxico below:

Nestled in the Mill Creek Valley, at the foot of the picturesque Kansas Flint Hills, is the small town of Paxico. The beginning of Paxico dates back to the mid-1800's and was once part of the Pottawatomie Indian Reservation.

Currently, historic Paxico is home to eleven unique shops, a campground, and RV park, a winery, and an art studio. Our quaint shops feature a large selection of quality antiques, stoves, quilts, collectibles, American furniture, and primitives.

For the traveler, Mill Creek Campgrounds is a natural beauty spot along Mill Creek, where you can enjoy fishing, swimming, canoeing, a picnic or just enjoy the natural wildlife.

The Mill Creek Story

Steve Hund Jr., owner and linear

descendant of Paxico's first German

founders purchased a historic 1880's

building in the 1970's and MILL


acquired more of the historic buildings

over the years and still operates the

Shop to this day. "At Mill Creek

Antiques we help warm both hearts and

homes with our beautifully restored

WOOD BURNING stoves and top notch

service and the stoves remind people of

simpler times" says, Hund.

End of copied information.

I am adding pictures of this cool town and hope you enjoy. Check back later for more from Kansas.

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