Donna & Maggie's Badlands Adventure - 2018 travel blog

Hanging at Bear Lake In Utah

Canyons along the way

Bear Lake, Utah

Our hotel room, Jackson, Wyoming

Today was a travel day after our 36 hour Amtrak adventure.

The experience was not bad but would have been much better if we had

air conditioning! Yep, no air in our sleeping car, not for us or the other 10 folks with rooms within our car. It meant for leaving doors open (shades pulled) so it was like Disney on parade Let's just say we laughed a lot!

Donna got the top bunk, me on the bottom. Neither of us got any sleep!

Actually no one within the car got any sleep

We ate in in the dining car which was pretty neat. They had us in groups of four so we met a lot of folks on our tour, from different parts of the country. The food was very good! I'd give it 4 stars!

Our train was two hours late getting to our final destination, Provo, Utah. We finally got off the train around 11:45 pm. We were pretty beat but had to take showers before we hit the hay..

This morning we left Provo around 8 am and meandered up past Salt Lake City, Ogden

and past the Cache Mountains to Bear Lake, which is a huge, natural lake about the size of Lake George with very blue and cold water.

The air was crisp and clean as we were about 5000 feet up. ( See photos uploaded)

We had lunch in GardenCity, Utah ( no where near Garden City, New York!)

Passed through Idaho and finally Wyoming where will be for a few days. The hotel is gorgeous. The Inn at Jackson is very rustic but with all the amenities

We're hitting a local spot for dinner. Hoping to have elk, not!

Tomorrow we do the ride down the Snake River and then the cowboy entertainment (dinner) at the ranch. We hope to learn the Wyoming two step there!


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