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They couldn't believe we had to ride up that steep hill!

This is what we rode in

Hot chocolate & croissants at Stoos

The church in the middle of the village.

We saw (& heard) many Swiss cows. All had bells around their...

Not that they were in a hurry to get off but.......

The views were worth all the trips!

Clouds all around us

The Deatz/Rineharts on the way from Fronalstock back down to Stoos

Stoos from above

Puts life in perspective.

Coming down from Stoos to Morschach

Back in Lucerne with our hotel in background

We topped off our final day here in Lucerne with a spectacular day even though it started off much cooler (low 60's) and cloudy. We made a large circle of the area NE of Lucerne and used almost every available mode of transportation. The Tell Pass that each of us had purchased let us use any public transportation in the Lucerne Zone free. We first caught a train from Lucerne to Schwyz where we caught a bus to the Stoos Bahnhof. The road is very curvy and narrow and we swear the driver of the two car bus thought he was driving a sport car). The funicular up to Stoos is a fairly new one which looks like several hamster cages set together. The 110% is the steepest in Europe and is pretty scary looking!! The ride though was smooth and if you didn't look around you wouldn't have realized that you were several thousand feet straight up the mountain. Stoos is a small village where the homes are in a circle around the church which was built on top of a hill in the middle of the village. It was cold and cloudy when we arrived in Stoos so we decided to stop and have some hot chocolate. It was then I told the group we were actually only ½ way to our destination which was the top of Fronalpstock. That little trip took two more gondola rides to reach and at one point we were in clouds so thick you couldn't see more than 50' – couldn't even see the car in front or back of yours!! Just as we reached the top, we passed through the top of the cloud into bright sunlight which highlighted the spectacular views of Lake Lucerne far below. While we were there the clouds would swirl around us shutting off the view and then minutes later clear up again.

After lunch at Fronalpstock, we took the gondolas back to Stoos where we walked to an old fashioned cable car for the trip down the mountain to a different town (Morschach) where we again caught a bus, this time headed to Brunnen where we got on the ferry for a spectacular trip back to Lucerne stopping at several picturesque small villages. Darrel and Terry are convinced they have not been on so many different modes of transportation on the same day ever in their lives!

We hate to say “Good-bye” to this lovely area but more adventure awaits up the river. We have private transportation to Basel, Switzerland in the morning. We will have the afternoon to explore before boarding the riverboat on Sunday.

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