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The captain looking for ships

My seafood stew

A sunset over the Atlantic

Forte de Peniche

Kaye’s Prawn Risotto

The other half of the Risotto

Breakfast in the quadrangle overlooking the pool was enjoyed with the shade of the building and a cool breeze adding to the ambience. Our first task for the day was to drive around the complex and checkout the resorts seafood restaurant, Mare for tonight’s anniversary dinner.

The restaurant is 3.5 km north of the main house and sits on a spur overlooking the sea and cliff line to the south. It’s good view is only marked by the dense mist that sits on the ocean. Kaye is happy to have our celebratory dinner here.

Our next task was to drive to Peniche, 19 km from the resort, a prominent westerly point on Portugal’s coastline. On entering the port town we parked near Forte de Peniche. This 16th century fort like so many others on the coastline was intended to provide defence for Portugal’s sea trade.

We walked the town trying to identify possible dining locations and were impressed by the line of restaurants and cafes on Avenida do Mar. Kaye required makeup and enjoyed the experience of seeking directions from one couple who couldn’t speak English. Their assistance found us the store, staffed by a very attractive Portuguese lady who couldn’t speak English and served us helpfully but with indifference; disappointing.

We attended a “Super market” where we bought white wine to taste; price varying from 3 to 6 Euro. Designed similar to our own supermarkets we weren’t surprised to see a young child having a fit over the junk displayed at the check out; it’s a small world.

My ice cream was nice, of good quantity and price compared to France.

We returned to the Forte to photograph before we headed back to the resort returning before 1330 hrs.

The afternoon was spent, clarifying our restaurant for tonight, walking the coastline and touching water from the Atlantic, drinks in the lounge and resting. Rinaldo has just created a new national record by scoring the winning goal against Morocco; the man walks on water for the Portuguese.

At 1900 hr we had dinner at the Mare. At the time, we were one of the few in the restaurant and were swamped with attention. Kaye selected the Prawns Risotto and I had the Seafood Stew. In my case the name was deceptive, as my meal was a combination of seafood from prawns to fish. The wine we chose was also very nice; thanks to the advice from a Belgium couple sitting alongside. We shared a desert to top off what is now our top dining experience for the trip.

We drove back to the hotel carefully just after watching an impressive sunset and were soon asleep.

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