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Ride Back

Montana is working hard to make us feel at home. It’s raining. We had a very rainy spring in New Jersey. We are ready for some sunshine.

We had planned to explore this area on the motorcycle. Today, we use the RV.

We make three stops today at State Parks. Like the postman, rain will not stop us from our appointed rounds.

Our first park is the Missouri Headwaters State Park. We purchase an annual non-resident stamp for entry into all Montana Parks.

We stop at the confluence of the Jefferson and the Madison Rivers. This is considered the headwaters of the Missouri. Pretty cool!

If you measure from the Gulf of Mexico to these headwaters, it is longer than the Mississippi. Technically, the Mississippi flows into the Missouri in St. Louis! Who knew way back then?

We continue to the Madison Buffalo Jump State Park. The last two miles are on a gravel road. It feels like Alaska. The park is a bit of a disappointment. We see the Buffalo Jump. The ride is great! This is Montana.

Our third stop is the Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. Again, the ride is wonderful. We follow the Jefferson River.

I read the description of the tour. John convinces me that I am up for it. He doesn’t mind hanging out.

The entrance is a trail that gains 300 feet in elevation. They give us a half hour to walk the trail. That doesn’t sound too bad. Try It! Several of us use the entire half hour.

I have been on many cave tours. This is like no other!

We tour the cave by descending 600 stairs. We are reminded to hold onto the handrails. What about those times there are no handrails?

Many of the steps require us to bend at the waist so that we do not hit our heads. It is recommended that we walk down one section backward.

We all make it through the slide. We sit on our bottoms and side down this section. I wish I had a picture of that! (Or not)

This tour is an obstacle course! I survive it. As we leave the exit tunnel, we are told that it is a flat walk back to the parking lot. It is a half-mile flat walk back to the parking lot.

All of us on the tour have bonded. “Are you okay?’ “Grab my arm.” “Watch your head!”

Okay, I’m glad I did this. I am also sure that I will sleep well!

Weather report: It is a sunny day when I exit the cavern. Don’t worry. By the time we get back to the campground, it is pouring! Rain or not, we have had a great day!

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