Bill, Mary Ellen & Bowie - Newfoundland 2018 travel blog

Day after the storm

Confederation Bridge

June 19th

I thought it was time to provide you with some of the highlights for me on this trip because you become grateful for the small things in life such as clean showers that drain properly because they are actually sloped correctly, not spread water all over the floor where you stuff sits or worse the drain is clogged and the water starts to accumulate around your feet. Another highlight is illustrations of campsites and services that are accurate and not so out of date you become lost looking for the path to the sand spit with the nesting Piping Plovers. Bill reminds me for the umpteenth time that there is no requirement for “illustrations” to be accurate, maps are accurate! And finally frequent roads signs that actually tell you what hwy you are on….you might think that with a GPS in hand and numerous maps scattered around that we would know this key information however we came to depend on that all -important sign to appear so we could either breathe a sigh of relief that we did make the right turn back at the junction OR we are on the wrong road yet again.

We head off in sunny skies after yesterday’s stormy day but Bill has a difficult time controlling the van as we cross the Confederation Bridge.From the moment you arrive on the Island the soil is very obviously red and so is the beach sand. The PEI travel centers are full of great information and helpful staff and we come away with a plan to travel PEI while eating lots of seafood. We head out in the direction of Summerside (west on the Island) and stop at Sharkies for lunch of clam chowder and fried prawns. Only a few minutes outside of town is Linkletter Provincial Park where Bill made a fabulous dinner of fried cod and salad as we sit and eat just a stones through from Bedeque Bay.

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