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Roadside Art

Storm clouds building

Drying Laundry

Dramatic Sunset

June 18th

Our drive takes us to the foot of the Confederation Bridge to PEI but the wind has pickup so much that strong gusts are blowing us off the road so we opt to say one more night in New Brunswick at a lovely place called Murray Beach. I take the opportunity to do some laundry but the weather starts to deteriorate and inside of the van becomes the drying area. The gusts change from a steady blow to gale force winds and we have no choice but to retreat inside. A gust takes the door and rips the closing mechanism right off (more trips to CTC in our future) and the van starts to rock from side to side so much that we worry it might tip over. Bill noted that the shape and size of the van acts like a sail and makes the most of the wind. What was blue sky is black and to add misery to the day the rain comes in sheets so we start to draw straws on who will walk Bowie (Bill always seem to win the honour of doing that duty somehow). For the second time this trip we cook and eat inside. The wind is coming from the West and the propane pilot light goes out so no hot water and the fridge start to defrost. The wind seems to be affecting the function of the appliances because of the direction we are facing so we decide to turn the van around to face the opposite direction to see if that helps. No small task but we get it done and everything starts to work again. Just before sunset the storm clouds break enough at the horizon to let the setting sun in and Bill gets some stunning sunset pictures (we do like our sunset pictures). It pours and blows all night so not a very restful sleep but in the morning the sun appears (the wind doesn’t slow down though).

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