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Paulina and East Lakes

After a day of rest ( ha! We drove in to Bend to go shopping) we were excited to begin exploring the area. The first stop was the Newberry Caldera, the largest in the Cascade range. It’s eruptive history began 400,00 years ago and created massive lava flows covering 1,200 square miles. After a scenic drive up to the top we had views of Paulina Lake and East Lake. We also got our first glimpse of The Big Obsidian flow. Our interest piqued, that was to be our next stop. But on the way we took a short side trip to see Paulina Falls, twin falls that plummet 80 feet into the river below.

The Big Obsidian Flow was formed 1,300 years ago and is the youngest of Oregon’s lava flows. We walked a 1 mile loop surrounded by dark and light pumice and black volcanic glass. The huge chunks of obsidian were just fascinating to see.

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