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The Barns

On the Deck

We had such a good time with Anita and Mike! Anita planned a few outings for us and we did a bit of exploring on our own. Our first trip was just around town, where we saw the museum and drove through the streets of town. The old workers homes, though relatively small and reasonable back during the lumbering days, are now fairly pricey. You can definitely see pride of ownership as they are mostly well-kept and landscaped. We also drove into nearby Mount Shasta to check out the mountaintop and explore the town. We were there on a Sunday; not to self: don’t go to a recreation area in California on a weekend! There must have been 200 cars parked at the trailhead! Needless to say, we decided to skip the hike that day. Our other self guided tour included a garage sale at the old lumber processing plant. There were hundreds of things we didn’t need! But it was interesting to browse through just the same.

Anita took us one evening to her riding club. Each member buys a barn (seriously!) which will house 2-4 horses including a small paddock area. Definitely a unique setup. This evening they were having their annual dutch oven cookoff. It was a friendly group and the food was excellent. We had more than enough to eat, then voted on the best in each of 3 categories. I was most impressed with the flan. Imagine that! I will have to find a recipe and try it myself.

On another day we visited the community wide flea market downtown, with many venders, mostly local arts and crafts nut also the obligatory food venders also. We spent a couple of hours going through the booths, but didn’t buy anything.

Mike had been going to the gym every day to work out, and one day went in for a weekly session at his art studio. He is a painter, something we did not know about him. Anyway, he called one day to let us know that one of the local fast food places in town served elk burgers. Of course we all had to go in to join him for one. Funny, he said he had lived here for years and never eaten at this place. And now he is totally hooked! And afterward we went to his studio to look at his paintings. And they were very good! Too bad I live in an RV.

One morning, while Mike and Anita were both in town, Don volunteered to take the kitty out for a walk. I usually try to keep an eye on him since he tends to just let the kitty run loose and follow her around. I looked out after a while, but couldn’t see them anywhere so thought I had better go out to check. I found Don laying on his belly next to the front deck. “Where is my cat?” “She is under the deck.” Now the deck has a trellis type of enclosure. Spaces big enough for the kitty to get through. And she was in no hurry to come out. You know what is coming. We both ended up on our bellies trying to entice a very reluctant kitty to come out. Which she did. On her own time.

One of our pleasures was to join Anita and Michael on the front deck in the evening (without my cat). A great place to relax with a drink and watch the forest and wildlife. One evening we saw a white-headed woodpecker, which we were told was a rare sighting. Cool!

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