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A wonderful museum

The Old Mill

McCloud is an old Lumber Mill town. It was built and developed specifically for the lumbermen and their families to have a place to live near their work. We visited a museum that gave a lot of the history through artifacts and pictures. Back then they were cutting virgin forests with absolutely huge trees, some so big only one would fit on the trucks used to haul them to the mill. In the display case was a 2-person chain saw with an 8-foot blade. The old mill building is still in fairly good shape, and is used for other things now. It is probably 2 city blocks long. The logs would go in one side and come out the other side as finished lumber. The blade for one of the band saws is on display; it is probably 12 feet in circumference.

The town had its own school, shops, restaurants, hotels, a hospital, merchants and housing for the lumbermen. Everything was available; the only catch being that if a man was fired, quit or retired, he and his family could no longer live in the town as it was there only for the lumbermen who worked there. Thus the name, “Mother McCloud.”

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