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Out of the blue, middle of the night . .. Mike got sick with a tummy bug!! The only thing worse than getting sick on an epic bicycle trip is to get sick on an epic bicycle trip in the middle of the forest in the middle of bear country in the middle of the freezing night! Yep, poor guy got all 4!!

We managed to get packed up this morning, he made a great effort! I knew while we were still lying in the tent there was no way he was going to be able to go anywhere today! It was in the 30's outside the tent, the high for today is only predicted to reach 55, rain is forecast, clouds already hanging low and the first thing ahead is 8,000 ft waiting for us to cross, the 3rd time just while we are in Yellowstone Park!!

So our only option was to stop at the lodge. Amazing the office was open so early! No matter what the cost, we had to stay. Yes, there was a room which was pretty amazing judging by the number of people here and being Friday!!!!! The front desk person Gabi did everything she could to get a room ready for us and we were toasty warm and dry by 11:00am!

Mike has been sleeping for hours, that is what he needs most, it is pouring rain outside so it's all good. It could have been a real disaster had he made an attempt to push on. Hopefully when he wakes up, his stomach will be recovered and ready for some food to get his strength back up!

This will be a long lasting memory or Yellowstone Park!!

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