Two Browns in Europe 2018 travel blog

Olive trees for miles

Meeting room. Lots of decoration on walls, arches, ceilings and around windows

Water was very important - meant life. The bigger your water feature,...

Very ornate ceilings

Extensive gardens

Summer palace

Cathedral in Granada

Fish entree - sardines, octopus...and I don't know what else!

Hams are big in Spain. Lots of shops with them hanging up...

Granada – Alhambra of course, visited by 8,000 tourists a day. Had to book about three months ago to get a ticket, so it’s very popular. Our guide spoke good English and we had a very informative three hours. Various rulers added onto the place, so there are Moorish, Roman and Christian aspects to the palaces. The photos speak for themselves. Wandered the streets of Cordoba afterwards. Very lively place. Lots of hen and stag parties with groups of people dressed up and having a wonderful time.

Both pretty tired and sore when we got back to motorhome – these concrete paths and cobblestones are not kind to your body. Are now heading back to France – a few stops on the way, but should take 3/4 days. Very easy driving distances in Spain – go onto a motorway, speed limit 120km. Then are instructed to ‘take the exit, go left at the roundabout, third exit; take the motorway’. So you go from one motorway to the next and can travel large distances in good time.

Getting here, we travelled through millions (yes, millions!) of acres of olive trees. They stretch over the hills and up the mountains as far as you can see. All that olive oil. And the olives themselves. When you go to a restaurant here, you get served a plate of olives, usually green, with your drinks.

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