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Mers de Bain

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After leaving Bruge, we drove A10 to Oosttende. It was a sobering thought driving along the English Channel towards Dunkirk. We saw bunkers and cannons pointed out to sea stillin place from World War II...after all these years. A grim reminder of what took place. We saw the poppies of Flanders fields...now this. We went back to A18. We were surprised by how big a place Dunkirk is. It seemed to stretch for miles....Calais too.

At a little place called Iverville we left the highway to go see a Cimitaire Canadiens. We had to stop to ask directions. When the French lady was baffled....couldn't find the English words to explain we must park and walk through the trees to the cemetary, she got in her car and led the way. We found a neatly trimmed hedge with a grassy walkway, mowed, that led through trees to over 700 tombstone in rows with a monument dedicatted to those who fought...and died nearby. So young! Most were 18 to 25. 28 yrs. was old! And someone 38...ancient! I wondered if Mom's first husband was here. There were many from Hamilton, Ont. We were quiet...deep in our own thoughts. This is one of 18 in the area. There are 50 Poles, 4 Australians and 2 Unkown Soldiers buried here. We went back to A18 and continued on. Occasionally we saw the sea as we drove. The sadness stayed with us for several miles. War is such a waste of young lives.

At Abbeville we turned toward the sea on N925 and drove to Treport and Mers du Bain. Both sit clinging to the sea. Rebuilt as were many little villages we passed. Treport has an old Church high on the hill. Chalk banks almost a carbon copy of Dover guard both towns. The Bresie River separates them. It has locks. There is evidence of a small falls or dangerous rapids at one time. Now the river mouth is highly regulated.

Mers de Bain took our interest with its many 3 story closely knit apartments or town houses facing the sea. They are brightly painted with trim in a contrasting color. Treport is more reds.

We stayed at Hotel le Saint Yves in Treport, walked across the lock gates to the other side for an excellent seafood platter...crab, winkles, welks, raw oysters in lemon juice and clams...a veritable feast! My favorite dessert and coffee made a fitting end. This was followed by our long walk home. After we watched the sun set behind a line of fog far out to sea.

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