Eke & Brian - Canal du Midi - 2018 travel blog

Waiting our turn in Trebes

We're fifth in line. Only an hour tpo go.

A formidable three chamber lock in Trebes

On an aqueduct crossing a stream

Again.... the aqueduct again.


Having too much fun

Oh Oh! I dropped my .....

Hang On Eke!

Carcassonne Citadel from the boat

Our audience as we pass through the Carcassonne lock.

June 11, 2018

Middle of Nowhere to Carcassonne

Waking up at close to 7 am we freshened ourselves up in the small bathroom on board and had breakfast together. Eke and Jill had walked on the path beside the boat a little and discovered the school building that we had seen from the back was, in reality quite a nice building when standing in front of it! We had the prefect quiet spot for the night because just a little further was the road with traffic. During breakfast we saw boats passing us already on their way to the next lock in Trebes.

When we got to Trebes we had to tie up on the side of the canal with at least 6 other boats and join the line-up. We knew it would take quite a bit of time, so Jill and Eke walked into town, bought Voltaren for Brian, got 2 baguettes and some pastries at the boulangerie/patisserie. On our way back we went into a farm store where we bought fresh cherries and a jar of cherry jam and one of fig jam.

Back at the boat it became clear that we were not going through the locks before lunchtime which is from 12-1pm for the lock keeper. We decided to have some lunch and then at 1pm we worked our way through the triple chamber lock. We are sailing upstream so for us the water in the locks is very low when we enter the chamber and then gets filled with a very strong rush of water to lift us up to the next level. Once we were through that lock we had several more locks to a total of 10. We reached Carcassonne around 5pm and first of all had a cold drink and ate some peanuts and other snacks. It got cut short by quite a downpour.

We (Brian and Eke) had decided that they would like to go out for dinner together tonight. We took a wonderful shower on shore at the Captainerie. It was great to stand up with the warm water streaming on the body and wash our hair! On top of that, have lots of room to do it all! We got some clean clothes and found an Italian restaurant that was open. Almost all the restaurants in town are closed on Monday evenings. We had a nice meal and then decided that we wanted to go for some dessert. We found a nice place and shared a decadent chocolate warm lava cake with ice cream and lots of whipping cream. It tasted delicious! Eke also enjoyed her chamomile tea. The waiter commented on Brian’s French saying “Canadians right?”

Another day done and time to go to bed! Tomorrow we are staying here and doing some sightseeing with a local guide to a market and a winery!

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