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Rome rainwashed (Layne)

Postcard 6 from Italy


June 5, 2018

We all slept in late this morning-noon. Bella and I stayed home while everyone else went out to explore and get tickets for the Colosseum and Forum for tomorrow. I worked on updated my trip journal for all of you to read, while Bella did some drawing and watched a movie. Later we went through some old photographs and movies on the computer of when all the kids were little. I told Bella that when she was little, she thought Papa and I lived in the computer, because when they first moved to Texas, we talked weekly on Skype. Over an hour went by just looking at old family photos; I made some Bruschetta for us and then got back to my journal and Bell back to her movie. It was nice to share some time with my sweet Isabella.

There was a sudden downpour while the group was out, so they came home drenched. After drying off and resting, they were out again, while I stayed by myself. I really needed down time after racking up over well over 84,000 steps since being in Rome. Steve brought me back “take-a-way” pasta, as the Italians say. They also stopped at their favorite pastry shop for the second time in the day to bring back a selection of delicacies.

Steve bought an HDMI cable so we could hook up the computer to the TV and have family movie night. And what better movie to watch while we were in Rome, but the Da Vinci Code, which none of the Polisenos’ had ever seen. The kids loved all of the codes, puzzles and twists and turns. A nice way to end the day.

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