John and Janet 2018 Montana travel blog


Stop 1

National Historic Site



Wall Drug - Bring Your Camera

Wall Drug

Wall Drug

Wall Drug

Wall Drug

It is not an exciting day. But, it is productive.

Spearfish is only a couple of hours from the Badlands. We take our time getting ready. We drive one more time through a section of the Badlands.

Our first stop is the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. I lived through the Cold War. I remember practicing Drop and Cover in school. This stop is not a high priority for me but we are here.

We watch the movie. There are tours of the missile silos but they require appointments. We pass.

Our next stop is Wall Drug. Like Al’s Oasis and South of the Border, you have to stop.

We do some shopping and have ice cream. We can say that we have been to Wall Drug.

We continue on to Rapid City. John needs to fill a prescription and we need to buy an air mattress. John’s quit last night.

Even with all the stops, we check into our campground by 2:00. Not very exciting but productive.

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