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Frederico at Cucina Vista

Shopping in Rome

Berninni's Smiling Elephant

Postcard 4 from Italy


June 3, 2018

Today, we took Federico’s advice and Ubered to Villa Borghese. There, we took a tram around the four miles of gardens, summer houses, and galleries. The gardens are reminiscence of an English manner, but in Rome. They are natural and somewhat unkempt. Here, there is a summer house for Pope Julius III, sculptures by Bernini, including his David and Daphne, a zoo, and galleries that house paintings from Titian, Raphael, and Caravaggio. Villa Borghese is the third largest public gardens in Rome.

After leaving the gardens, we walked back down to Via Condotti, where you will see Gucci, Valentino, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany, Bulgari and many more shops that I will never be able to afford anything from and have very little merchandise on their shelves and racks. And, we are back at the Spanish Steps where we had a truly delightful lunch at Federico’s restaurant, Cucina Vista. (The Italian man we met on Friday) The elegant white washed décor reminded me of the beach. The food was so much better than anything we have had so far! The fresh tomatoes from Sicily, the prosciutto from Parma, and the pizzas with handmade dough, the fresh buffulo mozzarella, what more could you ask for? The Italian’s love their meal courses; first, there are starters, second course there is pasta, the third course is meat, then side dishes and dessert. After filling our stomachs, Federico spread the map across our table and consulted us on the remainder of or trip, taking us to various places across Rome. Even though he had gelato at his restaurant, he sent us down the street to a shop that made the best homemade gelato, yes there was a difference! By then I had put another 13,000 steps on my Fitbit and was ready to call it a day.

Steve and I took an Uber back to the apartment and the rest of the group went to see the smiling Bernini elephant hiding behind the Pantheon. It was early to bed when the group came back because we had early reservations for the Vatican in the morning.

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