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Leonardo Da Vinci

Mueum Di Roma

Via Giulia

View from the bridge by Via Giulia

Postcard 3 from Italy


June, 2, 2018

Today, we visited two museums, the Leonardo da Vinci, and the Roma museum. The Da Vinci museum was amazing and had numerous interactive pieces that Leonardo invented. Layne sang in the scuba room, which had great acoustics. Lyss posted that it on Facebook and it was tagged by the museum thanking Layne for her solo. It was a short walk to the next stop where we saw many paintings from the 15th-17th century. It’s unbelievable how much history surrounds you. US history pales compared to this, but then again, it is our history.

Home for a short nap and then an evening walk through the many piazzas. We roamed down the historic street of Via Giulia, circa 1508, which runs for a full kilometer in a straight line, unheard of in Rome. On this street, is the arch that Michelangelo constructed to connect Palazzo Farnese by a bridge to Trastevere to Villa Farnesina. It was the most fashionable street in the 16th century. Today it is noted for its elite antique shops. Every corner you turn, there is a little piazza packed with people and restaurants. Italians never sleep! Melissa’s Italian has improved greatly in the past few days; I don’t know what we would do without her.

Now, for the cobblestone streets in Rome. Cobblestones are not easy to walk on, so comfortable shoes are a must. They are difficult for me to navigate; I’m worried about tripping and falling. You cannot believe some of these pathways are actually streets that cars drive on. They are packed with pedestrians and are so narrow, you are shocked to see cars coming toward you, sometimes in both directions. In fact, our apartment is on a street, Via del Cappellari, which is unnavigable by cars, not by scooters though! Also, there are restaurants set up in these alleyways, so you are sitting at a table with a car driving a foot away from you. When walking, you have to tuck into the spaces between parked cars to get out of the way of moving cars. Intersections have no direction or signs; everyone gestures, closes their eyes, and hopes for the best! I feel like I am in an old movie and that all of this is surreal.

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