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a step back in time

Soviet leftovers seemed to be everywhere

we can hear your !!!

Tirana was prettier at night

the underground Bunk-Art Museum was interesting

drinkies in the revolving bar overlooking Tirana....:-) :-)

The drive from Montenegro back into Albania was simple enough but the border crossing was one of the slowest yet. We had criss-crossed borders so many times we wondered if they thought we were up to no good and gave us an extra going over.

With time in hand we made a visit to Tirana's Harley Davidson outlet but soon wished we hadn't. The overall presentation was terrible. Older model bikes, many covered in dust did not really appeal to us so we moved on to reach our accomodation for the next few days.

If that hadn't been exciting enough our first glimpse of our hotel was a real kicker. The location was a shocker although only a very short walk from the town centre. Fortunately the hotel was quite comfortable so we were now looking forward to the arrival of friends the following day.

John and Gayle had taken time to join us for nine days driving though Greece but to get things started we all explored a little of Tirana's features.

The House of Leaves Museum covering the 'secretive' goings on during the Soviet era was excellent while the BunkArt Museum provided insight to the Communist Regime's paranoia. Appropriately, it was housed down inside a massive bunker originally constructed to protect the so-called 'elite' during a highly anticipated US nuclear strike. Fascinating stuff.

Back in the real world we celebrated J&G's arrival up high in a revolving restaurant and bar with great views across the city. It looked much better than the untidy scenes at street level.

Now ready with another rental car to 'break-in' we headed for the Albania-Greece border.

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