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the roads were always busy

old bridges were always a great interest

strange structures .....

...... unfinished 'thingies' .....

..... detracted from an otherwise pretty river

Our new stop now became Shkoder nestled on the edge of a huge lake. Not a pretty town, in fact quite untidy, but our hotel was great and we were relieved.

There definitely was no relief when driving in that town as everywhere you moved there would be dozens of bicycles in your path. They roamed and ruled just like cows did on outer roads.

Across the river things were better where eateries provided a degree of respite and decorum. The river was quite broad and pretty but had weird, decaying, concrete structures jutting into it.

An occasional abandoned building did little for the scenery.

Gambling was a big deal as evidenced by a number of Vegas styled hotels dotted along the riverbank.

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