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Day 18. Rouen

5/6/18. Tuesday. Wet and overcast 13-24 degrees

The boat is staying put in Rouen today, and some people have opted for the full day Somme tour, others for the guided tour of Rouen and we’re having a sleep-in! We were finally up and ready for breakfast at 8.30, and then back to our room to rest, do some laundry and get some order into the chaos of my (L) packing. We went down to the lounge for coffee at 11, and soon enough, it was time for lunch. A lovely, lazy morning. After lunch the rain eased, so we went for a walk into the town and looked through the Cathedral of Rouen, which we thought had to be one of the largest in the world, but Mr Google says it’s not even in the top 10. It dates back to 393 when the first Cathedral was built on the site and has been added to and changed until in 1956 it was opened for public worship in its current form. It was huge, stark, impressive and had many antiquities including statues of the apostles and saints, some which looked like cement blobs, chipped and cement crumbling. So, so old. We wandered around the Old Town and went into a few modern shops, but found nothing we needed or wanted. Fortunately the rain held off until we returned to the boat.

I finished reading a book from the ship’s library, and would love to bring it home, but second best is to share its title: The Marriage Lie by Kimberley Belle. Get it out of the library - a fantastic read, but not for those who read the last page first!!!

Lovely dinner and entertainment again with Joe and Liv.

The train strikes - would you believe they advertise and post the days they are going to strike, and the strike is all about money - what else? Since the beginning of train transport, the train drivers and conductors were paid an allowance for shovelling coal to fuel the train. After all these years, the Government has tried to cut this allowance, as they no longer shovel coal, but no, the workers think they should still get it, so strike........ How crazy is that?

No photos today as I used my phone, and I can’t get them to attach to the trip journal.

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