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We actually had the fireplace on for a bit of warmth this morning as we shared our coffee. We have decided to stay here an extra day and leave on Thursday morning. That will give Marilyn a bit of time to recover from the medical procedures she will have tomorrow.

I made sure that the campground had room for us to stay put one more day than originally planned. I then made calls to the campgrounds in Topeka and in Colorado Springs to adjust our stays, and made arrangements for a place to stay next Saturday night.

Marilyn & I completed some paperwork for advance directives concerning our medical care and now have that chore done. We left the hospital and then took care of the truck, which is now clean and fueled for our trip. We purchased some needed groceries and picked up our prescriptions before making our way back to the RV for a late lunch.

This has been a busy and sometimes difficult time for us but we are looking forward so much to being in Colorado and then back in the Rio Grande Valley for the winter. We realize that logic dictates that our time as full-time RV folks may be growing shorter.

We intend to enjoy to the fullest this summer and this coming winter season before making decisions about our future. One thing we know for sure is that Life is Good!

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