We stopped for lunch at this unique restaurant..


They offered weddings on horseback too..

Jerry got a burger and I got a grilled chicken salad..

Crossing Wilkerson Pass ..

Most unusual view of the day was this bicycle!

Arriving in Kansas..

We saw a lot of cows and windmills...

Lots of signs blown away from the wind..

Last one, our site in Goodland for one night..

We had originally planned to stay in Colorado for another month. We decided to leave early and make our way to Kansas. We will be moving on to Kentucky for the month of July. Ed and Vickie will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in England and Paris. Jerry and I will be staying at their home in Kentucky house sitting and spending time with Sam, our youngest grandson, and taking care of their golden retriever while they are away.

We drove about 275 miles today and are all set up in Goodland, Kansas. We will drive about 300 more miles tomorrow, this will make our trip to Kentucky a lot closer in July. Our drive from Colorado was up and down in elevation, the highest point was a 9,500 high pass. Our drive through Kansas was lots of cows and green pastures with thousands of windmills along the way.

We had a lot of wind too, we noticed that most of the signs along the road had been destroyed from high winds. When we got to the campground the only site left was a back in, we had to unhook the car. We left the slide in and didn’t even put the jacks down, we are ready to roll and knock out those 300 miles starting early in the morning. We have only visited a few places in Kansas, we are looking forward to exploring a lot of new places. Check back later for more from Kansas.

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