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Smaller of the two lakes on Mljet



There were a lot of these little yellow butterflies and they loved...

Island with St Mary’s Monastery

Little chapel in the monastery

Exploring the monastery grounds

The water is such brilliant shades of blue and green

Relaxing by the Adriatic before heading to the ferry

Before we begin the day we have to mention our scary adventure of Mindy driving stick shift after 27 years. The ferry dropped us off on the other side of the island with no bus or taxi to get us to the hotel. Thankfully there is a “rental car agency” (tiny place with cheap cars) the only catch is that they only have manual cars. So Mindy fondly remembers her little Toyota Celica that was stick when she 16 so thought it would be like riding a bike. I can drive stick she announced. So we were off. Driving stick on mountain roads is a little bit more challenging but she didn’t do half bad. There were only a few moments that left us with a new gray hair. We safely made it to our hotel. There was a nice free breakfast with eggs, fruit, French toast. Our bellies full we set off for the national park. There are two salt water lakes in a small valley. The water around here looks like the Caribbean beautiful shades of blue and green. We walked around the park and took a boat ride to an island in the big lake with a monastery on it. We toured the island and tiny church but most of the monestery was closed. We were treated to a group of women who started singing in the church. They sounded so nice and the stone church had great acoustics. Back on land we headed to the small lake that was surrounded by forest. Along the trail there were places you could go down to shore to relax or jump in the water. We found our piece of heaven and jumped in without hesitation. It has been so hot here. The water was warmer than the rivers so we could linger here. We swam across the lake and had to head back to the hotel. Before we had another ride back to the ferry we enjoyed the hotel lounge chairs by the Adriatic sea. We took a quick dip and laid out to dry off. When we arrived at the ferry dock we were afraid we missed it, running late as usual but learned the ferry was canceled. Hmmm. What to do. We already have a room booked at our next destination and were eager to get there. There were no other ferries going in that direction but they had one going to Dubrovnik. We decided to do that since we would have a lot more options from there than this small island. Once in Dubrovnik, we ultimately decided to rent a car and drive the three hours to Split. We would arrive the same time as we would with the ferry. The drive was pleasant and had wonderful views of the islands and mountains. We even saw a nice sunset. We had to drive through Bosnia for a brief 10-15 minutes but the border patrol was painless and we arrived to Split on time. The only scary part was driving up the mountain to our apartment rental. The back way up was narrow, dirt roads that had no guard rails. It was probably good we could not see the drop off in the dark and that there was no one else on the road.

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