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making of corn palace

colors of corn used in making murals

front of palace

side of palace

This is another travel day, on our way to Sioux Falls, SD.

On the way we stopped at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. What a amazing sight. The first palace was in the early 1892. South Dakata began to see a rise in tourism as automobile ownership began to rise liberated families from isolation, especially with the building of Mt Rushmore. The palace had many hardships with world war 2 with the loss of grains. At the end of the war, the Native American artist, Oscar Howe, was hired to design the murals in that adorn the building 1947.

The mural theme on the outside of the building changes each year with new grains and corn. Over the summer, 3,000 bushels of rye, oat heads and sour dock are tied in bundles and attached. When the corn crop is ready, about 325,000 ears of corn are sawed in half lengthwise and nailed to the building following the patterns created by the artist. All of the colors of corn are natural, which have been genetically developed for the color they want. The newest color is green. All of the corn used is grown by a single individual farmer who grows corn only for the palace. All of the funds to pay all of the workers and the farmer are earned by sales of tourist stuff or through profits from shows and events held in the palace during the year. It was amazing to see. Another brief but should not miss.

Overnight in Brandon near Sioux Falls, had a long day of driving so we didn’t do any sightseeing.

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