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Today's leg was not without drama, but less so than yesterday. Routine start to the day (including the ever present check engine light). Right outside the RV park is a gas station. As we get ready to pull in there, 4 brand new Corvettes roll out. Obviously some club, but very cool. Ended up taking the interstate to Alexandria. Long stretch of country roads heading east out of Alexandria. Good road, nice scenery, but again no place to stop and have lunch. We finally pull over in a Napa auto store parking lot to walk the dog. I have to say that Louisiana looked better than a lot of Texas economically. Not nearly as many belly up businesses. Decent roads, just no mom and pop restaurants. Then we cross over into Mississippi at Natchez and things change. Natchez is a big city on the banks of the Mississippi. Heavy traffic, very hilly. Traffic lights every quarter mile, so it's slow going even though speed limit is 45. I need to make a left hand turn to stay on course, but there's a car sitting on my left side. I finally put my blinker on and the guy backs off. I change lanes as we go over this hill and I suddenly see that there is a stop light at the bottom of the hill that rapidly goes from green to yellow to red. It's a worst case scenario. I've got a full head of steam headed downhill with a big truck in tow and a red light in 200 feet. If the light turns 2 seconds later, I run the thing but all I can do is stomp on the brakes and stare at the rear view camera to see if the truck jack-knives. We come to a screeching halt just in time and the tow bar holds up. RV fills up with the smell of over heated brakes. I honestly can't believe something didn't fail. A true miracle, and we blew off church this morning. Rest of trip to Hattiesburg uneventful, but the road was the worst of any stretch of US 84. Not terrible but constant vibration. Dog has a miserable time. On smooth roads he just sleeps; for 2 hours on this road he's a basket case. Don't think we'll try this route through Mississippi again. RV park way off the beaten path but a nice set up.

Gulf coast here we come.

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